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Month: February, 2012

Trapped Cameras

When working on storyboards I’m always reminded that cameras do not function like a theatre audience. Cameras can and should move: they should allow the viewer to be personally engrossed in the world built by your film’s narrative. Iwrote about this, in a dissertation no less, so you think it’d be clearer when sketching out how the shots will look. And yet it isn’t: scenes are defined by their actions rather than what we see. Some evaluation is in order.

And yet, is a subjective camera appropriate for an ostensibly conventional fairy tale, albeit one that revels in story-telling? Would setting the scene in a way to suggest other perspectives are possible? Or perhaps having a perspective in the initial moment would help make the difference between the later stories more acute. Certainly a camera bound by the island would solidify their helplessness at the absence of the wind. Of course, there are row-boats, but they’re not feasible for longer distances. Having the camera stuck on the island, looking forlornly out as the boats of their hopes for survival diminish into the distance would be a more effective image.

Photograph of young girl setting off a lantern on Christmas Eve in Romania

Dragos Asaftei - Photograph of young girl setting off a lantern in Romania


Knight at the Circus (Status Update)

At the moment my work centres around a story of a Knight sent to search for the North Wind. Having found a floating circus he asks its denizens for their take on how to capture such an entity. Acrobats, knife throwers and animal tamers each have their own mythology, steeped in their own disciplines: suggestions are given from the pinnacle of their crafts.

Today I shall finalise my storyboard for the boats leaving the home island. They’re few, but scattered, lit by a small, warm light in the darkness of the still waters.

The boats leaving the island at night, glowing fervently

Preliminary experiments with paper boats

To a beginning

Snow has fallen, as a cursory glance out the window (or indeed at any social media) would attest. What better time than when the world is made blank than to start this site?

Hopefully this will grow to contain photographs of work both completed and in progress, while also serving as a place to note interesting things found along the way.

Until then.