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Month: June, 2012

Knight at the Circus – Exhibited film (& discussion)

Knight at the Circus [exhibited 2012]

Goodness. It’s finally here. Meant to upload this last week, but time did its thing. This was shown at the Kingston Fine Art Degree Show in a darkened room with a bench to encourage people to sit and watch it in its entirety. It could have done with not being near something with flickering lights, but when space is at a premium, I think I fared well. (Note on audio: music is by a band called Minotaur Shock.)

In contrast to the text only version, this also has sound and visuals, which I had great fun with. In typical style much was done rather last minute and I’d have liked to have a few days extra to poke about with it when seeing what the tv screen had done to both the colour and the sound (by the end of the fortnight, the colours had ramped up, burned and highly saturated. Similarly, the volume balance didn’t seem to come across well, with the humming at the end far louder than the rest of the piece (unlike the file!) so that I had to turn it down and thus lost nuance. Which is a little annoying, but possibly brought on by myself.

Where can I go from here? I want to play with it some more. See if I can perhaps do a text with effects version (as I was happy with those portions of the film and wanted to experiment). I also want to consider working on making an illustrated book. Which in itself holds challenges as I do not want one of my goals to be constrained and thus destroyed by the medium: I want things to look fragmentary, I want people to fill in the rest of the world and want to know the rest of the story. Perhaps large swathes of blank might do it? With eroded text. It would certainly fit with some of my earlier work.

Which reminds me, I want to go through this site and put up some of the old work I am still proud of. So little of it still exists so it’d be nice to get a relatively decent online portfolio.

Also, have sorted out going to the Fringe this year, which should be great fun. Will I review there? I’m not actually sure, but I’ve some previews I saw last week that I’ve got to write up. Initial picks to rec are definitely: Lucy Ayrton’s Lullabies to Make Your Children Cry and Superbard Starts to Save the World. If you’re up there, definitely pop in (they’re free!).


When I Grow Up

“Where am I going? I don’t quite know” (A.A. Milne, ‘Spring Morning’)

My degree has nearly concluded, the fruits of this year’s work are being exhibited rather successfully. While this assuages the guilt I had been feeling whilst messing on the internet rather than working, it brings with it a reinforced Damocles sword with its steely whisper: “So, what do you want to do when you’ve finished Uni?”

It’s a good question, one I have to consider rather seriously now. Short term plans involve getting some more reading done, get into the habit of sketching regularly, of updating this, etc.. But those aren’t what that question is getting at: that question wants to talk about job prospects.

It’s tempting to answer glibly, to recall childhood games where I was a witch detective spy (a magic spy detective? detective spy witch? I can’t remember the order on the bespoke (obvs) business cards.) I had set up an agency in the back garden and took cases that I’d technically fabricated (clues and all), conveniently forgetting their resolutions (or leaving them to the conclusions of the clues – an early example of Death of the Author?). I’m not as enamoured of these avenues of employment as I once was, but it’s nice to hear other people’s childhood combined dream-jobs: in ‘Fuck you, Corporate-land’, Lucy Ayrton has the amazing: “You’re disappointed? I was going to be the first ever brain surgeon/rock star!”

I need to be a bit more focussed with applications, which will in turn help me figure out what sort of things to pursue. Thankfully, despite the feeling of funnelling children to vocations, it is less unusual not to have a path on which you spend your entire life. It’s a process, after all.

“So, how do you see yourself in five years?”

Upcoming: Kingston Fine Art Degree Show

Private View: Saturday 16th June, 1pm-7pm
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Fine Art at Kingston University Poster for Degree Show

Private & Public View in a Fortnight

We’ve had a really strong year full of varied, independent artists. I’m looking forward to seeing this all come together, and so should you. 


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