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Sabotage Blog Reviews (in roughly chronological order, with most recent on top):

Review of Brand New Ancients @ BAC 19/09/12
Review of Poetry Olympics @ Theatre Delicatessen 17/07/12

Edinburgh Reviews* as follows:
Day One: Dirty Great Love Story and Helen Keen: The Robot Woman of Tomorrow
Day Two: Life or Something Like It, The Static, Dating George Orwell, Mark Grist: Rogue Teacher, A Real Man’s Guide to Sainthood and Superbard Starts to Save the World
Day Three: Dream/Life, One Hour Only and The Last Fairytale
Day Four Part 1: Phill Jupitus: Porky the Poet in 27 Years On, Anthropoetry and Lucy Ayrton: Lullabies to Make Your Children Cry
Day Four Part 2: They Came With Outer Script, Other Voices: Alternative Spoken Word and Flea Circus Open Slam
Day Five: Jack and Nikki: Killing Machines, Love in the Key of Britpop, Once Upon a Time in Space, Alternative Sex Education and Jack Heal: Murderthon
Day Six Part 1: Harry Baker: Proper Pop-up Purple Paper People, Letter to the Man (from the Boy), The Man Who
Day Six Part 2: Midsummer Night’s Dream, Richard Tyrone Jones Has a Big Heart, Flea Circus Open Slam
Day Seven Part 1: Oddlie, Charlie Dupré Presents the Tales of Shakey P, Perle, Other Voices: Alternative Spoken Word
Day Seven Part 2: The Girl with No Heart, Evie and the Perfect Cupcake, Ash Dickinson @ the Inky Fingers Minifest

Review of the Tea Fuelled Edinburgh Previews @ The Old Fire Station*
Review of the Tea Fuelled Edinburgh Previews @ The Dogstar
Review of Pete the Temp vs Climate Change @ The Cockpit 03/05/12
Review of The Word House @ the Gallery Cafe 28/04/12

Review of the Hammer and Tongue Slam Final: Team Battle 31/03/12 (w/ Koel Mukherjee)
Review of the Hammer and Tongue Slam Final: Individual Round 31/03/12
Review of Sage and Time @ The Charterhouse Bar 22/02/12

Review of Hammer & Tongue Camden vs Oxford: Part 1, Camden 10/10/11 *
Review of Political: A Gender @ the Royal Vauxhall Tavern 01/09/11 *
Review of Sage and Time’s First Birthday @ The Charterhouse Bar 27/07/11 *
Review of Superbard and Harry Baker, Edinburgh Previews @ the Brockley Jack Theatre 24/07/11 *
Review of Utter Nutters @ the Green Note Cafe 07/06/11 *
Review of Poetry Jam @ The Tea Box 13/05/11 *
Review of Incite ‘April: the Coolest Month’ @ First Out Basement Bar 04/11 *
Review of Poetry Jam @ The Tea Box 08/04/11 *

* Co-written with James Webster